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Used EnginesOur engines come from mostly wrecked vehicles and insurance auctions where the engines our in perfect un harmed shape, fully tested and stocked for customers like yourself. We employ two full time engine buyers that travel all over the southwest looking for quality low mileage engines for our inventory. At Discount Engines we make sure the engines are completely reliable and have low miles on them prior to pulling them, because we know you need a reliable used engine replacement for your vehicle. The used engines for sale at Discount Engines all come with a 20 month or 20,000 mile warranty so you can rest assured you're getting a quality used engine.

We can often tow your car to our shop for free in the valley to remove your seized or otherwise damaged engine and replace it with the correct engine from our huge inventory of used motors for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans or diesel vehicles. We also offer competitive pricing on 'long tow' service from other areas.

Expert Engine Installation

No matter what you drive we can remove and replace your car's engine with a used factory correct replacement. If we don't have one in stock we will locate one that fits the needs of your import or domestic vehicle.

Professional Auto Service in Phoenix

We guarantee all our work, no matter what service we provide to you and your car or truck. We stand by our work because we know how important having a running and driving car can be. We can assess any mechanical damage your car may be experiencing and help you get back on the road fast.

Used EnginesWhile we specialize in used engine replacement and rebuilt engines we also offer transmission service, air condition repair, engine diagnostics and more. If you need any work done to your car be sure to get in touch with Discount Engines Inc at (480) 351-6068 for the most dependable auto service in Arizona. Remember our goal is to offer great service at a low price and to we want to replace your engine, not your car!

Best of Mesa Award 2011
Our engine buyers ONLY buy low mileage motors quality tested for your car or truck!

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"The engine you put in my care works great. The car is like driving a new one, please tell all the guys well done. All of the other work you did is perfect, another well done to all ... If I need anything else done I will be back. Thank you for the good job."
~ George Thomas