Replace Your Engine, Not Your Car


Picture this, there's a loud bang and then smoke starts pouring out from under your hood as you cruise down the street. This more than likely means that your engine just died. Whether it is from oil starvation or general high mileage wear and tear, your engine is toast, but your car isn't! Vehicles can have their engines replaced with another similar model in a fairly quick and relatively affordable procedure. If you find out your car's engine is dead don't replace the car, replace the engine!

Saves you money

By replacing the engine you're going to end up saving thousands of dollars in the long run. The cost of a new motor is minute compared to the cost of a new car, or even a used car that is in decent shape. Don't get stuck with monthly payments or having to write a big check just to get back on the road!

Saves you time

Shopping for a new vehicle undoubtedly takes a fair amount of time. When you make the simple decision to have the engine replaced all you have to do is head to a qualified engine repair and replacement shop and let them get you back on the road in just a day or two! That sounds much better than seeking out a new car for weeks on end, doesn't it?

Plenty of engine options

Finding a new engine is easy when you leave the sourcing to a professional engine shop. There are two basic types of replacement engines you can expect to be utilized in the repair, used or rebuilt.

  • Used engine - A used engine is generally one that came out of a car that was wrecked or otherwise could no longer be on the road but still ran great. This motors are generally low mileage.
  • Rebuilt Engine - A rebuilt engine is one that has been torn down and had its interior parts replaced. This means that the motor will be in like new condition, or better!

Warranty Backed Repairs

When you get a new engine installed in your vehicle it should be backed by an extensive warranty so that you don't have to worry about breakdowns or other engine trouble!

At Discount Engines in Mesa we take pride in helping our customers

replace their engine, not their car. We offer great warranties on used and rebuilt engines for all makes and models. To schedule engine replacement in Mesa give our team a call at (480) 351-6068 today!

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