What is a Rebuilt Engine?


What is a Rebuilt Engine?"A rebuilt engine?" you think, "Why can't I just get a new engine?" Well the thing is, a rebuilt engine, when the rebuild is performed correctly, will act just like a new engine should, at a price that is much lower than the cost of a brand new engine. So what is a rebuilt engine then? Let's take a look at the process of creating a rebuilt engine.

Engine has high mileage/minor trouble

A rebuilt engine usually starts its life as a normal car engine that has high mileage or has had some sort of minor trouble. A technician will fully inspect an engine before even beginning the rebuild process to ensure it is a good candidate for a rebuild.

Engine is pulled from vehicle

Once it is determined that the engine can be rebuilt it will be pulled from the vehicle. The engine may or may not go back into the same car, depending on the purpose of this particular vehicle.

Engine undergoes factory rebuild

Once the engine is out of the car and in the workshop the rebuild will begin. During this process the technician will completely disassemble the engine, clean it up completely, replace internal parts as necessary and polish and smooth others, such as cylinder walls, until they are in factory condition. The engine is then completely reassembled, or rebuilt for that matter.

Engine is tested

Once the engine is back together it will be thoroughly tested before it ever sits inside another vehicle.

Engine is installed

The final step is installing the engine into the vehicle. Again, this may be the same car it came out of but it is likely that the engine will be transplanted into a different vehicle that uses the same type of engine. After the engine is reinstalled it will be tested one more time before the vehicle is returned to the customer.

At Discount Engines we conduct engine rebuilds in Mesa, as well as sell and install rebuilt engines and used engines. If your vehicle is giving you any sort of engine trouble come see us and we can help you figure out the best option for your car. To learn more or to inquire about engines for sale in Mesa give Discount Engines a call at (480) 351-6068 today.

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