What Causes Engine Failure?


Your engine is tough. It breathes fire and sweats oil in order to crank out horsepower. However, it needs routine maintenance and to occasionally babied if you want it to last for a long time. But what can cause such a beastly piece of machinery to fail? There are few key things that may lead to total engine failure, which will likely require you to install a used or rebuilt engine, as the damage is often to much to be repaired. Let's take a closer look at some of these major problems.

Improper Maintenance

All vehicles have a service schedule that needs to be closely followed to prevent premature wear. While these services often entail more than just engine detail all of the services are very important to ensure that the motor lasts for miles and miles.

Cooling System Failure

If the cooling system is unable to due its job due to some sort of cooling system malfunction such as a leak or failed thermostat you engine is likely to overheat. This can lead to massive damage such as a cracked block.

Oil Related Issues

Oil is your vehicle's lifeblood. Be sure to always change the oil on time to prevent oil related engine damage.

Oil Leak - If oil is leaking from the vehicle it will result in harsh metal on metal contact inside the engine, which may lead to it seizing up.

Not Changing the Oil - Oil that isn't changed will become very thick and contaminated with metal shavings. This will lead to your vehicle having to work harder to produce power. This can cause overheating as well as allow for metal on metal contact.

Broken Timing Belt

The timing belt needs to be changed as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. If it is not it could snap, which will throw off the inner-workings of your engine. This will likely call for a complete engine replacement.

If you don't want your engine to fail be sure to follow your maintenance schedule. If it is too late to prevent engine failure don't replace your car, just replace the engine. At Discount Engines we specialize in sourcing and installing used engines and rebuilt engines in Mesa and throughout Arizona. Give Discount Engines a call today at (480) 351-6068 to learn more about engine replacement in Mesa at our our professional auto shop.

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