What are the main parts of an engine?


What are the main parts of an engine?Automobile engines are highly intricate mechanisms composed of myriad moving parts that have to work seamlessly together to keep your vehicle driving dependably. At the first sign of engine trouble, such as a knocking noise or loss of power, you'll want to promptly bring your vehicle to the shop for an inspection. By acting quickly, you can potentially address the problem before it necessitates much more expensive repairs. Here's a look at seven main parts of an automobile engine.

The Block

As the central part of your engine, the block contains the cylinders. Your engine block is where combustion occurs.


As pistons pump, they compress air and fuel. This force is transferred to the crankshaft and ultimately plays a central role in putting your wheels in motion. When pistons fail, there likely will be a noticeable loss of power, perhaps to the extent that your vehicle won't have the power to move forward.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder head does the crucial job of sealing in gases. Located at the top of the block, spark plugs and valves are fitted to it.


The valves found in the cylinder head help to control air, fuel, and exhaust fumes. Failing valves could lead to excessive oil consumption and loss of engine power.

Oil Pan

Located at the bottom of the engine, the pan stores oil that plays a critical role in keeping moving parts lubricated.


A properly functioning camshaft makes sure that your valves open and close in accordance with other parts.


The crankshaft helps to put your wheels in motion by turning linear energy into rotational energy. The crankshaft is positioned in the engine block and pistons are attached to it through connecting rods.

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Posted: September 26, 2020

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