Top Signs of Engine Trouble


Top Signs of Engine TroubleFor some people the rumble of an engine can really get the blood pumping. For others it is simply the noise that carries them to all the places they need to be. Either way, signs of trouble can make the heart sink. Disregarding engine problems at the first signs of trouble can lead to a potentially disastrous outcome for your vehicle. A blown engine will leave your car stranded and awaiting an expensive repair, such as an engine replacement. By paying attention to what your vehicle is telling you there is a good chance that you can get the issue resolved before it gets to the point of no return. These are three of the most common signs of engine trouble that require your attention right away.

Decrease in Power

One of the most recognizable signs of trouble is a decrease in engine power. This is most often felt during acceleration, especially to freeway speeds. This can be caused by numerous problems, and many of them have to do with issues pertaining to fuel delivery. However, worn interior engine parts reduce the compression inside an engine, resulting in smaller explosions at the spark plugs and a sluggish running engine over all. If you find yourself struggling to get up to speed, notice your vehicle has a rough idle or if you experience power surges while cruising head to the repair shop right away.

Engine Knock

All of the moving parts of the engine rest on engine bearings. If these bearings begin to wear out they will start to produce a repetitive knocking noise that will increase and decrease along with the RPMs of the motor. Rarely this noise is an indicator that the engine is low on oil and an oil change can resolve it, but more than likely there will need to be some sort of tear down of the engine to replace the worn bearings. While this may seem like a long and expensive job, itís much less costly than replacing the whole engine!

Excessive Engine Smoke

Exhaust can tell you a lot about the way a car is running, especially the color. Clouds of blue smoke indicate an internal oil leak that is allowing oil to be burnt up in the combustion chamber. White smoke is a sign of a coolant leak that is cooking the antifreeze and black smoke means there is too much gasoline being burnt. Each of these issues will ultimately lead to larger problems, including complete engine failure. If you notice any excess or colorful smoke be sure to head to the shop right away.

Unfortunately if you have began to notice any of the following it is likely that some sort of service will be necessary, and that may include an engine replacement. To learn if you need an engine replacement in Mesa talk to the team at Discount Engines. We offer used and rebuilt engines for all makes and models of import and domestic vehicles. Give us a call at (480) 351-6068 and we will help you explore your options for engine repair in Mesa or the surrounding area.

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