Is it Time to Replace My Car's Engine?


Nobody wants to have to consider rebuilding or replacing an engine, but after racking up a few hundred thousand miles on the odometer you may be weighing your options. Depending on the problem you're having with your vehicle sometimes a simple engine repair will make it last for much longer, but many times, a tired engine will provide you with plenty of symptoms that it's done for good and you will need a replacement used or rebuilt engine. These are some of the most common signs you need an engine replacement.

Loud Engine Noises

If you begin to hear banging and knocking noises coming from under the hood that sound like a brick in a washing machine you're likely staring at a huge problem for your engine. Most of these clanking noises come from the bottom end of the engine and can be attributed to bad engine bearings. These bearings are what the engine's moving parts rest on and if they get worn out or are not properly lubricated they will begin to fail. If you experience these noises get the issue checked out right away and maybe you can save yourself from bigger trouble.

Loss in Power

If your car, truck or SUV seems to have lost a major amount of power, won't accelerate quickly or stalls on a regular basis, you have some sort of internal trouble that may require an engine replacement. Gradual loss in power over many years can be expected as regular wear and tear but if you suddenly find yourself struggling to get up to speed you will want to consider installing a rebuilt or gently used engine.


Excessive smoke coming from the tailpipe is never a good sign. Depending on the color of the smoke it can mean different things. Blue smoke is generally an indicator that you're burning oil. This means the engine is not being properly lubricated. White smoke generally means that there is coolant getting into the engine, generally due to a blown head gasket. Black smoke means your vehicle is burning too much gasoline. This doesn't necessarily mean you will need a rebuild but it is something that a mechanic will need to fix. If you have excessive smoke be sure to get the issue diagnosed and repaired before you need an engine replacement.

Whatever sort of engine problem you're having you should never wait to have the problem identified by a mechanic. Other times, regardless of the issue and generally due to excessive mileage and engine will need to be rebuilt or replaced. If you need an engine replacement in Mesa or the surrounding area contact Discount Engines. We are the largest supplier of used and rebuilt engines in Mesa! Call Discount engines today at at (480) 351-6068 to discuss your engine replacement or engine repair in Mesa with one of our expert auto mechanics.

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