Warning Signs of a Cracked Engine Block


If you have a cracked engine block, then there's a good chance it'll make the most financial sense to install a new engine. Engine blocks often crack because of problems related to overheating. This is why you should always be proactive about fixing any issues with your cooling system. If overheating causes an engine block to crack, then there could be serious trouble with internal engine parts, including your combustion chamber. At Discount Engines, our knowledgeable crew can set you up with an expertly rebuilt replacement engine. Come and see us when you need a new engine for your vehicle. Here are four signs that your engine block is cracked.

Power Loss

An assortment of car problems can cause power loss, and a cracked engine block is a particularly serious one. With a cracked block, there could be a loss of compression. Consequently, you may notice poor idling and decreasing engine performance.


If there's a crack in your engine block, then coolant may leak. As a result, overheating could lead to even worse problems. Signs that your vehicle is overheating include steam emerging from below your hood, as well as a temp gauge that has climbed into the red.


A crack in the engine block may allow exhaust fumes to exit through the crack instead of being properly sent through the exhaust system. Such exhaust smoke could have a blue tinge. When this occurs, there's also a good chance that overall engine performance is becoming increasingly poor.

Oil and Antifreeze Are Mixed

A cracked block may allow coolant and antifreeze to become mixed up. This can create fluid that has a milky appearance. This is a problem that is also notorious for occurring when a head gasket is blown. If oil looks milky on your dipstick, then you'll want to promptly bring the issue to a mechanic's attention.

Engine Replacement in Mesa, AZ

If your engine block is cracked, Discount Engines can set you up with a replacement engine that is in strong condition. Give us a call at (480) 351-6068 to find out more about our inventory of rebuilt and used engines in Mesa!

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Posted: August 24, 2021

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