Is it Time for an Engine Rebuild?


Is it Time for an Engine Rebuild?An engine rebuild is generally a last resort when it comes to engine repair, but under certain circumstances it could be the best move for your situation. In some cases it may be a better option to simply replace the worn engine with a gently used or rebuilt engine. However, there are reasons a rebuild could be the right choice, such as if you're trying to keep the original parts with your car or the rebuild is less expensive than a replacement engine. Let's take a closer look at what it means to rebuild an engine.

Why rebuild an engine

There are two main reasons a rebuild would likely be necessary. The first is worn engine bearings, the second involves piston rings that are not seating well. The moving parts of the engine are mounted on engine bearings that are lubricated by engine oil, thus allowing the crankshaft and camshaft and other parts to move freely. Over time the bearings will wear out, resulting in a need to replace them. Poorly seating piston rings will result in blow by, which allows oil to be burnt in the combustion chamber.

What happens during a rebuild?

During a rebuild the engine will be removed from the vehicle, torn down to its bare parts, and inspected for wear and tear. Upon analysis parts will either be machined smooth to return them to a good condition, when applicable. Other times parts may need to be completely replaced. Piston rings and bearings are often replaced, along with pistons themselves when necessary. The engine will be reassembled and installed back in the vehicle, in a like-new condition.

Signs I may need a rebuild

There are a few key signs to look for in your vehicle. If you notice any of the following it may be time for an engine rebuild.

  • Oil consumptions - If you notice your oil level regularly falling or if you need to add oil to the engine between oil changes, then chances are a rebuild is required. This is often a sign of blow by. You may also notice blue exhaust smoke.
  • White exhaust smoke - If you spot excessive exhaust smoke, especially when the engine is cold, it could be a sign of coolant mixing with the gasoline, which is a clear indication of a major problem.
  • Knocking noises - Worn engine bearings will produce a knocking or chattering noise that will rise and fall with the engine RPMs.

If you're experiencing engine trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to an auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and to figure out the best method of repair. If you are experiencing engine trouble you may need an engine rebuild or an engine replacement. To learn more about engine rebuilds in Mesa talk to the pros at Discount Engines. We offer used and rebuilt engine sales and installation for all makes and models. If you'd like to discuss your options of engine rebuilding or engine replacement in Mesa give us a call at (480) 351-6068 today.

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