7 Signs of a Serious Engine Problem


7 Signs of a Serious Engine ProblemAs soon as you suspect engine trouble, you'll want to take action so you can hopefully nip the problem in the bud. But when serious problems arise, there's the possibility that you'll need a rebuilt or replacement engine. Here's a look at six signs of major engine trouble.

Knocking Sound

If your oil level gets dangerously low, then the lack of lubrication could cause a knocking noise. You can potentially take care of this by just adding more oil, but there's also a chance with this symptom that you'll need a rebuild on the bottom end of your engine.


Extremely low oil can lead to metal-on-metal contact, from which vibrations may emerge.

Check Engine Light Turns On

While it is possible for something as minor as a loose gas cap to trigger the check engine light, it's still best to get to the shop for computerized diagnostics so that you can resolve any developing issues before they become more expensive to address.

Loss of Power

For vehicles with high mileage, it shouldn't be too concerning if power is incrementally lost as time passes. But if there is a sudden and dramatic loss of power, then you may be dealing with worn-out pistons that are causing low compression.

Frequent Overheating

Problems with overheating are often caused by leaks in the cooling system. If your engine isn't leaking coolant, then you can check for a malfunctioning water pump. It might also be the case that you need to replace your radiator. Cooling system issues should be promptly addressed so you don't risk overheating causing engine seizure.

Excessive/Discolored Exhaust Smoke

Anytime exhaust smoke appears off-color, you'll want to try to determine the underlying cause. White smoke suggests a coolant leak. Black smoke is a sign that an excessive amount of fuel is being burned up. Blue-tinged smoke could mean there's an oil leak.

Burning Odor

When oil burns, inadequate lubrication can result, which can consequently cause moving parts to fail.

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Posted: August 26, 2020

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