Clues Your Car Needs an Engine Replacement


Clues Your Car Needs an Engine Replacement Motor vehicle engines are incredibly complex machines and without proper maintenance they will fall into despair. This is why you should always keep up with oil changes and other factory scheduled services. While it isn't incredibly likely that your motor will fail completely without some sort of warning, it is possible. If you encounter any of the following issues you will want to visit a mechanic to talk about your options for motor repair. They may be able to conduct simple engine repairs, but if the damage is severe enough an engine replacement may be in your future.

Burning Oil

If your car produces large quantities of blue exhaust smoke it generally means that it is burning oil inside the motor. This is very dangerous for your engine, as it results in insufficient lubrication. The motor's moving parts will quickly wear down if there is a lack of engine oil. Unfortunately a leak likely requires tearing down and rebuilding the motor, or replacing it with a rebuilt or used engine.

Lack of Power

If your car just can't get up to speed anymore it is likely due to issues surrounding the moving parts of the engine. If there is no longer proper operation of the motor occurring it could be due to general wear and tear caused by high mileage or poor maintenance. Combustion and compression can be diminished by numerous issues that require major engine repairs, which often means an engine replacement is the more cost effective fix.

Loud Knocking Noise

A knocking noise that is coming from under the hood usually signifies worn out or wearing engine bearings. These bearings are what the moving parts of the engine rest on and should they fail completely you'll be looking at catastrophic engine damage.

Cracked Block

A cracked engine block certainly means you'll need a new engine. It is very difficult for this issue to happen, but it is possible, especially due to problems with the cooling system.

Broken Timing Belt

The timing belt keeps everything moving in sync inside the engine. If the belt were to snap it would result in the valves and pistons being thrown off, which can result in them pumping up and down in a free-for-all manner, causing massive engine damage that usually requires a rebuild or replacement to fix.

If your car is suffering from any of these issues, it may be time for a new motor.. If you believe you need engine replacement in Mesa reach out to Discount Engines. We stock a huge inventory of used and rebuilt engines that are ready to be installed. To learn more or to request an estimate for a used or rebuilt engine for sale in Mesa give us a call at (480) 351-6068 today.

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