6 Ways to Increase Engine Life


6 Ways to Increase Engine LifeYour vehicle is a major investment and its engine is its most valuable mechanism. By taking certain precautions, you can help to maximize your engine's lifespan. This will optimize resale value, while also making it less likely that you'll break down. Here's a look at six tips for increasing engine life.

Stay Current with Oil Changes

By keeping up with oil changes, you'll help to ensure thorough lubrication that prevents metal-on-metal contact from causing damage. And when you get your oil changed by a mechanic, you could benefit from the spotting of an emerging engine problem that can then be nipped in the bud.

Don't Run on Empty

When your fuel level gets low, debris is more likely to settle at the tank's bottom. Then, as the last bit of gas is being used, there's a greater chance of that debris being pumped into your engine.

Install New Air Filter

To compensate for a clogged air filter, your engine is liable to burn more fuel, which can increase operating temperature, potentially leading to problems.

New Fuel Filter

By replacing your fuel filter every 30,000 miles, you'll help to ensure that polluted gasoline doesn't reach your engine. A healthy fuel filter can also help you attain optimal fuel-efficiency.

Minimize Short Trips

When you make a lot of short trips, your car continuously heats up and cools down, which can increase the chances of engine trouble arising. Longer trips, on the other hand, keep your engine running at a normal temperature.

Choose Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil more effectively protects your engine's moving parts---and, as a bonus, doesn't need to be changed as often.

If your engine has failed and you need a rebuild or replacement, be sure to visit an experienced specialist. For rebuilt engines in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, AZ, contact the experts at Discount Engines at (480) 351-6068. Feel free to give Discount Engines a call today to inquire about engine replacement in Mesa!

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Posted: July 29, 2020

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