Why it Makes Sense to Replace an Engine, Not a Car


Let's skip straight to it. You had engine trouble, your car no longer runs, repair is out of the question and you've been presented with two options: A. Replace the engine, or B. Replace the car. For many people they find it is economically more responsible to replace the engine rather than the car. How can this be? It is so expensive to replace an engine, isn't it? The cost of engine replacement has dropped drastically as the technology to do so has advanced and the amount of skill that today's mechanics have allows the process to be done relatively quickly, often in single afternoon! Okay, so replacing an engine isn't as expensive as most perceive, what else makes it a better option?

Selling a non-running car is hard

Regardless of what kind of car you own, if it doesn't drive and there is known engine damage that makes it impossible for it to run without replacing the engine you're going to have a difficult time getting rid of that car in order to score some cash to buy a new one. And when, or if, really, you do sell it, it'll be for a fraction of the worth of the car if it was in running condition. There is a good chance that investing in a used or remanufactured engine will actually increase your car's value to a higher level than before the engine gave out because it will have extremely low miles on it!

So let's say you do sell the car, what next? Well, you have to go through the whole car buying process, and let's be honest, that isn't always the most fun. It takes copious amounts of time, probably will cost you more money that you received for selling your broken down car and there always seems to be excessive amounts of paperwork that can't be found. "Yeah, I have a title, I think."

Replacing an engine is environmentally friendly

If you car no longer runs there's a pretty good chance that you will end up selling it to a junkyard that may or may not be able to recycle it. Many times the scrap metal from your car will end up not going back into making new cars, but other items that could eventually end up in a landfill, if they are recycled at all. By replacing an engine you're recycling parts from a car that had to be scrapped because of a wreck or other issue and the engine that comes out of your car, depending on the damage it has, may actually be refurbished and used to restore the driveability of a different car! It's a win, win for everyone!

There's many reasons you may end up needing to replace an engine. Things such as cracked blocks or snapped rods are not easy to fix, and sometimes can't be fixed, but thankfully you have options. If you're in need of an engine replacement in Mesa or Phoenix get in touch with the engine experts at Discount Engines. We offer a huge selection of used and rebuilt engines for all makes and models and every engine comes with a great warranty! We are all about replacing engines, not cars! Call us today at (480) 351-6068 and learn how we can get your car back on the road today!

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