Should you replace your car or your engine?


The engine has quit. Something went wrong, the head gasket blew, the spark plugs melted and the block is cracked. You're stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck hoping the problem isn't too serious, but it is. It's time to weigh your options, replace the engine, or buy a new or used car? Here are 3 things to consider when making this tough decision.

Is there any other damage to your vehicle?

If there isn't anything else mechanically wrong with your car then you should strongly consider replacing the engine instead of buying a new or used car. A new engine can cost a couple thousand dollars to purchase and have installed, while a new car could cost 3 or 4 times that amount.

Can you trust a rebuilt or used engine?

Rebuilt or used engines also often come with a warranty, unlike many cars bought off of run-of-the-mill used car sales lots. Also, rebuilt engines mean they have been completely cleaned and are ready for the road just like a brand new car, meaning they are going to get higher miles per gallon and perform better than a used car off a lot.

Do you like your car?

Of course, if a blown engine is your opportunity to buy a new car because you just didn't like your old one, than this is your chance to go car shopping. But if your car, no matter how old, has been reliable and trustworthy for the most part you should likely replace the engine. If you choose to buy a new car, you vehicle will likely end up in a junkyard and turned into scrap metal. Also, when a professional mechanic installs a new engine they will generally ensure all other systems are good to go so that you don't end up with the same problem twice.

Replacing your worn or broken engine with a quality rebuilt engine or used motor is environmentally friendly as well. It keeps one car out of the scrapyard and it recycles an engine from a different car. Discount Engines in Mesa, Arizona is your one stop shop for any engine replacement needs. They have a huge selections of engines in stock for most makes and models and all engines come with a warranty. They expert mechanics will install the new engine in your vehicle and have you on your way! If you want to find out more about replacing the engine in your car call Discount Engines in Mesa today at (480) 351-6068!

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