FAQ: Rebuilt Engines


When it comes to rebuilding an engine there are a few questions you're likely to have. This FAQ sheet will hopefully answer most of them, but should you have any others be sure to get in touch with a quality engine replacement company that can answer the rest!

Where do rebuilt engines comes from?

Most rebuilt and remanufactured engines come from vehicles that have been involved in wrecks and are no longer driveable. As long as the engine went undamaged it can be pulled from the vehicle in order to be rebuilt.

What parts are replaced during an engine rebuild?

During a rebuild nearly all moving parts of the motor will be replaced, unless it is deemed that a part is still in like-new condition. The parts that will be replaced include piston rings, crankshaft bearings, seals, gaskets and others. Other parts may be machined to their original, factory specifications.

Who conducts and engine rebuild?

Engine rebuilds are conducted by highly skilled technicians that have much training and experience completing this task. When it comes to rebuilding an engine do not leave this job to the amateurs!

Can any engine be rebuilt?

As long as parts are available for a particular engine, then yes, any import or domestic car, truck or SUV engine can be rebuild.

Is it better to install a rebuilt engine or replace a vehicle?

If the rest of the vehicle is still in good shape it is always always financially better to replace the engine, not the car.

How do I know if I need a new engine for my vehicle?

The best thing you can do is talk to a professional mechanic. Signs of engine trouble that may result in a need for a rebuild include excessive exhaust smoke, knocking noises or a loss of power. To learn more about engine rebuilds and engine replacements in Mesa and the surrounding area get in touch with Discount Engines. We offer a wide array of engine services for all makes and models, including the installation of rebuilt and used engines. Call Discount Engines at (480) 351-6068 to request an estimate for a rebuilt engine in Arizona today!

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