Oil and Engine Failure


Oil and Engine FailureAs the old saying goes, your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles. While modern vehicles can often travel much further between this service, it is still incredibly important to have oil changes completed. Not only is fresh oil necessary for keeping the pistons pumping smoothly, but the service itself gives a technician a change to inspect your vehicle for other troubles, such as oil leaks. Oil plays a huge role in the health of your vehicle's engine. There's a few ways that oil-related issues can disrupt vehicle operation, as outlined below.

Oil Leak

Oil leaks are incredibly common for all makes and models of cars. If you spot a black or dark brown liquid dripping from your vehicle, you'll want to visit the auto shop as soon as possible. Low oil levels will result in excessive friction between the moving parts inside the motor, which will cause increased wear and tear.

Dirty Oil

As oil circulates through the engine it picks up tiny dust, dirt and other contaminants that make their way inside the motor. When the oil passes through its filter it deposits these items and returns to its job of keeping things moving smoothly. But if oil is left unchanged that dirt will begin to circulate through the motor, causing the oil to become muddy, resulting in insufficient engine lubrication.

Clogged Oil FIlter

Along with dirty oil, if the filter becomes so clogged that oil can't even pass through it, there will definitely be a lack of lubrication amongst the engine's moving parts. Changing the oil filter is a critical part of routine oil changes.

Burning Oil

Another way your car can lose oil is if the engine is burning it. This is often caused by ill-fitting piston rings, allowing oil to seep into the combustion chamber, be burnt up, and expelled as blue exhaust smoke.

If your car is losing oil in any of these manners it means that your car's engine is at great risk of failure because of the increased friction it will experience between the moving parts of the motor. If you car has fallen victim to low oil levels and you need an engine swap in Mesa visit the team at Discount Engines. We stock used and rebuilt engines for all makes and models, making engine replacement easy. Give us a call at (480) 351-6068 to request more information about getting an engine replacement in Mesa or the surrounding areas.

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