What Causes Engine Failure and How to Fix It


Your vehicle has treated you well for many years but now it's beginning to give you signs of serious engine trouble. Perhaps you have noticed large amounts of smoke coming from the tailpipe, excessive oil consumption, loud engine knocking noises, oil leaks, a loss power or some combination of these things. Either way, you're engine is likely in need of some serious repair or an engine replacement may even be necessary. But what causes engines to finally bite the dust?

High Mileage

In most cases regular wear and tear will cause engine parts to break down and lose their ability to effectively do their job. This is completely normal, however the better you take care of the engine the longer it will last, which brings us to our next point.

Poor Maintenance

If you fail to conduct necessary maintenance on your vehicle your engine is sure to run into some trouble much quicker than it should. Never skip oil changes or other maintenance services.

Poor Lubrication

If your vehicle suffers from an oil leak or if it burns oil it will have lubrication problems that will result in metal grinding on metal. This friction will quickly cause your engine seize up and die.


Cooling issues can lead to complete engine failure as well due to the high temperatures within the engine. Overheating can cause parts to warp or melt and head gaskets to blow.

If your vehicle has suffered major engine damage a simple repair is likely out of the picture. You could potentially rebuild the engine, depending on the damage. However your best bet is likely to install a replacement engine for your vehicle that is either rebuilt or used.

A rebuilt engine has been completely torn apart and contains new parts or had its old parts machined so the engine will be like new. A used engine is your second option. Thse engines generally comes out of a wrecked or otherwise damaged vehicle that still ran good, but was no longer roadworthy. This option is generally less expensive, as it has not been completely gone through.

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