Four Things to Know About Engine Replacement


Four Things to Know About Engine ReplacementWhen a vehicle's engine either begins to suffer in terms of performance or outright quits it is likely you will be presented with the possibility of engine replacement. While this sounds like a scary surgery for any car to undergo, it is actually a fairly routine practice. When considering this option there are few things to understand, which will help ease your mind about the issue. If you have any questions about the process don't hesitate to reach out to a professional engine replacement shop near you.

Any Vehicle Can Have an Engine Replacement

One of the most critical components to consider is that no matter what you drive a replacement engine can be used to get you back on the road, if that is the best fix for your vehicle. This is true for vehicle that are both relatively new and those that may be decades old. It's important to work with expert engine replacement techs to source an appropriate engine for your vehicle so that you can get back on the road in a reliable vehicle.

Engine Replacement is Cheaper than a New Car

When you consider the cost of buying a brand new, or even a new to you car, a replacement engine for your current vehicle and any associated installation costs will almost always be more affordable comparatively. Even the licensing fees associated with a new car can outweigh the cost of a replacement engine in many circumstances.

Both Used Engines and Rebuilt Engines can be Used for Engine Replacement

The source of the replacement engine is usually one of two options. The first is a used engine from a low mileage vehicle of the same make and model that was either wrecked or suffered some other issue that prevented it from driving, but did not suffer engine damage. The second option would be to source a rebuilt engine from a vehicle of the same year, make and model. Both options have their own benefits, so be sure to speak with an engine tech to figure out which choice is right for your vehicle and budget.

Engine Replacement is Backed by a Warranty

When you have your vehicle replaced by a professional engine swap shop you can expect the parts and labor to be covered by a warranty. This is the shop's way of saying that they will repair any issues that may arise under certain conditions.

Engine issues aren't the end of the line for most cars and trucks, as an engine replacement will get you back on the road fast! If you are interested in an engine swap in Mesa reach out to Discount Engines. Our team is highly efficient at sourcing and installing used and rebuilt engines in all makes and models. Give us a call today at (480) 351-6068 to request an estimate for an engine replacement in Mesa for any make and model!

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