4 Bad Habits that Can Result in Serious Engine Trouble


4 Bad Habits that Can Result in Serious Engine TroubleTo help ensure healthy engine function, it's important to always keep up on auto maintenance and to maintain awareness of signs of engine trouble. If you're not proactive about caring for your engine, then there's a good chance that it'll eventually develop major problems that could necessitate engine replacement. Because of the significant costs involved, this is a situation that you definitely would rather avoid. Here's a look at four bad habits that can ultimately lead to the need for a new engine.

Skip Oil Changes

It's of great importance that you always get your oil changed at the mileage intervals recommended for your vehicle. The proper amount of clean oil provides crucial lubrication to your engine's moving parts, which will work to prevent friction. On top of that, it helps to regulate engine temperature.

Ignore Signs of Engine Trouble

If you're familiar with the smells and sounds of engine trouble, there's a better chance that you can nip an emerging problem in the bud. Burning smells, vibrations, and tapping sounds are indications that there's an issue that needs to be promptly addressed.

Skip Factory Maintenance

In addition to oil changes, there are many other maintenance services that play a crucial role in the healthy function of your vehicle. Important maintenance services include: filter replacements, cooling system flushes, spark plug replacement, and timing belt repair. If you skip out on these tasks, you'll be at greater risk of engine trouble.

Ignore the Check Engine Light

While the illumination of the check engine light doesn't automatically mean that you're on the verge of automotive disaster, it's best to play it safe and get to the shop for diagnostics. If the light goes ignored, a small problem could worsen to the point that major engine trouble eventually arises.

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