5 Signs that You May Need Engine Replacement


5 Signs that You May Need Engine ReplacementBy keeping up on preventive maintenance, you can help to minimize the risk of engine trouble arising in the first place. But even if you stay on top of your oil changes and other maintenance tasks, major engine trouble could eventually still occur. In catastrophic scenarios, it might make the most financial sense to invest in engine replacement instead of paying for extensive repairs. Here's a look at five signs that you may need to replace your engine.

Knocking Noise

This could be an indication that bearings are worn out. When crankshaft bearings fail, there could be an increase in heat and metal-on-metal contact that ultimately culminates in engine seizure.

Burning Oil

If you see blue exhaust, then you've got evidence that oil is burning up within the engine. When oil burns up like this, there's the possibility that your engine will become insufficiently lubricated, which could cause moving parts to seize up. This could very well lead to a need for engine replacement.

Loss of Power

It's common for an engine to lose some power as the years and mileage start to take their toll, especially if maintenance has not been regularly done. Power loss could mean that major repairs are needed, and it could be the case that it's more cost-effective to instead replace the engine.

Snapped Timing Belt

In most cases, timing belt replacement should occur at some point between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. If this important task is delayed, the timing belt could snap and pose the threat of damage to important engine components including valves, cylinder head, and pistons.

Cracked Engine Block

Cracked engine blocks almost always result in the need for a new engine. Sometimes, a cracked engine block happens because of cooling system failure.

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Posted: May 27, 2020

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