5 Indications that You Need Engine Replacement


5 Indications that You Need Engine ReplacementAutomotive engines are highly complex pieces of machinery and it's of great importance to always keep up on their maintenance. By staying up-to-date with oil changes and other factory-scheduled services, you can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic engine issues. In the event that your engine is on the precipice of total failure, certain signs might be present. Here's a look at five signs that you need engine replacement.

Broken Timing Belt

To keep everything in sync in your engine, your timing belt needs to be functioning properly. If it breaks, pistons and valves could be thrown out of whack and cause major engine trouble that necessitates replacement.

Knocking Sound

A loud knocking noise often means that there are worn-out bearings. Your engine's moving parts rest on bearings, which if they fail, can cause massive engine problems that would require an exorbitant repair bill.

Burning Oil

Blue exhaust is one classic sign that your car is burning oil within the motor. If oil is burning up, there is the risk that your engine won't receive adequate lubrication, in which case moving parts will soon break down. When oil leaks internally in this fashion, it unfortunately means that you'll probably need an engine rebuild or replacement.

Cracked Block

Sometimes a cooling system issue can result in a cracked block, which definitely means you'll need to replace your engine.

Power Loss

When a vehicle lacks power, it could be simply due to gradual wear and tear of engine parts, resulting from old age or poor maintenance. This could create a need for major engine repairs, and it may be more cost-effective to instead choose replacement.

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