FAQ: Engine Replacement


Do you have a vehicle that is giving you engine trouble? You know, loud knocking, exuberant amounts of exhaust smoke or a lack of power? Well depending on what is causing the problem you may end up needing to replace your vehicle's engine because the damage is beyond repair. However there are several things you may be questioning in regard to this decision. In order to allow you to make a more informed decision about engine replacement use these frequently asked questions.

Q. Should I repair or replace my vehicle's engine?

A. Deciding to repair or replace your engine heavily depends on what is wrong with it. Complex engine repair can sometimes cost more than the cost of replacing the engine, but other times it may only need a relatively simple fix. You'll want to discuss your engine problems with a mechanic before making a definitive decision.

Q. When it comes to replacement engines what are my options?

A. If you find your car does in fact need a replacement engine you actually have a few options to choose from. The choice you make generally depends on your plans for the vehicle, your budget and other varying factors. The replacement choices most often considered by vehicle owners and recommended by professional technicians include:

Used Engines
Rebuilt/Remanufactured Engines

Q. What is a used engine?

A. A used engine is a motor that was taken out of a relatively low mileage vehicle that has been wrecked or otherwise rendered non-roadworthy. These engines are usually directly transplanted without much reconditioning, other than minor maintenance. They are assumed to be in relatively good condition as is.

Q. What is a remanufactured or rebuilt engine?

A. A engine classified as rebuilt or remanufactured means that it has been torn apart and parts have been machined and replaced in order to restore the engine to factory specifications. This usually happens to engines that were pulled from higher mileage vehicles or if they had suffered some sort of ailment. A rebuilt engine can generally be considered close to new condition when the service is performed by a professional.

Q. Where can I get a replacement engine in Arizona?

A. Discount Engines of course! We sell and install used engines and rebuilt engines in Mesa for all makes and models of vehicles. To learn more about our inventory or to schedule an installation give us a call at (480) 351-6068 today!

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