What leads to engine failure and a need for engine replacement?


In many cases an engine will provide you with many symptoms that something is wrong before it suddenly just quits. Your car will produce excessive exhaust, or it will smoke from under the hood. The check engine light will come on and weird noises will be heard. But what causes these things to happen? Car engines are very advanced, using a lot of different computer technology to run efficiently. But at their core they are a mechanical system. Issues with the mechanics of an engine are generally caused by the following.

Poor maintenance

Every vehicle requires routine maintenance and should the engine be neglected of this it will soon result in massive trouble. Engine maintenance includes changing filters, fluids, belts and hoses, as well as conducting the all important oil change. Be sure to always keep up with your car's scheduled services.

Lubrication problems

If an internal problem comes about that prevents the engine from being able to properly lubricate itself it will result in harsh and sudden wear of the moving parts of the motor. This could be caused due to an oil leak or a failed oil pump. Just be sure to always have the oil changed on time so that these problems can be quickly detected.

Excessive overheating

If a motor were to overheat it leads to the expansion and contraction of the metals inside the engine. This leads to parts not fitting together properly which is another cause for intense and sudden wear. If you ever notice the temperature gauge rising on the dashboard be sure to pull over right away.

Snapped timing belt

If the timing belt snaps it will throw the engine's moving parts out of sync. This frenzied free for all of moving parts can result in massive damage. Be sure to have the belt replaced at the mileage marker indicated in your owner's manual.

General wear and tear

As with any mechanical system the more it gets used the more the parts will wear. This is true for all types of combustion engines. If your car has high mileage you can likely expect a need for engine replacement or repair.

If your car's engine doesn't have the power or performance it used to it may be time for replacement. At Discount Engines we offer expert engine diagnostics in Mesa for most domestic and Asian vehicles. We can let you know what the trouble is and what the best method of repair will be. If deemed necessary we perform superior engine replacements in Mesa using quality low mileage engines or rebuilt engines. Give us a call today at (480) 351-6068 to learn more about how we can help keep your car running great.

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