The Major Parts of Automotive Engines


Automobile engines are complicated mechanisms that are delicately engineered to power vehicles up hills, around corners and down the highway. There is a mixture of moving and nonmoving parts in engines, but each plays an integral role in the creation of the power necessary to turn the wheels. These are the main engine parts. Some of these parts can fail, leading to a need for an engine replacement or engine rebuild.

Engine Block

The engine block is cast metal that houses all the other parts of the engine.


Pistons are cylindrical pumps that move up and down. They are forced to move via the force of the explosion from the spark plugs.

Spark Plugs

The spark plug ignites the fuel/air mixture so that combustion can occur, causing the pistons to move up and down. For combustion to occur both the intake and exhaust valves must be closed.


Engines have intake and exhaust valves which let in the air fuel mixture and releases exhaust following combustion.

Connecting Rod

This is the piece that connects the pistons to the crankshaft. It's ends rotate so it can move with the pistons and crankshaft rotation.


The crankshaft turns the pistons up/down motion into a circular motion so it can be transferred to the driveshaft and eventually to the wheels.

While this is a broad overview of the interior of an engine, these are the main parts that create the power that moves your vehicle. If you've encountered engine failure and need a rebuilt or a new engine in Mesa or the surrounding area contact Discount Engines. We have a large selection or rebuilt and used engines for nearly any vehicle! Call Discount Engines in Mesa at (480) 351-6068 to learn more about our services and inventory!

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